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Metafrax Engineering and Technology Center
About us
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Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre limited liability company ("ITC "Metafrax" LLC) was registered on July 5, 2018.

The Centre provides design, technical development, and coordination services for Metafrax Group companies in the field of labour protection, industrial and environmental safety.

The number of employees – 58 specialists.
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Products & services

During two years of work “Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre” has implemented 78 projects on development of design and working documentation, engineering surveys and inspection of building constructions, technical re-equipment of production facilities and equipment of Metafrax Group companies. 17 projects – in the work.

Details – in the list "Projects Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre”

Technology department

  • Strategic planning for the Metafrax Group enterprises development
  • Pre-project study of activities included in the development plans
  • Participation in the contracts (agreements) preparation for new projects and their support
  • Conducting audits to evaluate the exploited fixed assets
  • Participation in project management

Project department

  • Collecting of necessary source data
  • Development of technical assignment for design, approval with the Сustomer
  • Maintenance and conclusion of contracts for design and survey work
  • Approval of the main project technical solutions with the Сustomer
  • Preparation and issuance of technical assignment for engineering surveys and inspection of constructions
  • Conclusion of contracts with specialized subcontractors for engineering surveys, inspection of constructions, and documentation expertise
  • The project documentation development
  • The working documentation development
  • Development of design and working hazardous industrial facilities documentation using three-dimensional modeling technologies
  • Author's supervision for the period of project implementation

Department of labour protection and industrial safety (LP&IS)

  • Providing consulting services on labour protection, industrial, environmental and fire safety, civil defence and emergencies
  • Conducting audits on labour protection, industrial, environmental and fire safety, civil defence and emergencies

Certificate of membership in self-regulating organization Engineering Companies of Ural Union

Certificate Certificate

Projects Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre

Projects Projects

Company presentation

Presentation Presentation

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Nikolay Ilyukhin

General Director

Alexander Mikhailov

Deputy General Director

Head of technology department

Igor Ordinskiy

Deputy General Director, Head of the labour protection and industrial safety department

Master's degree in chemical technology, ecology and safety

Roman Bayazitov

Deputy General Director

Design engineering director

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Contact us

Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre

Address: 67 Sovetskaya str., of. 207, Perm, Russia, 614000