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Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to bring value to the society and use our resources for a positive impact on people’s lives

We create products that are made to ease people’s lives across the globe. But a more important objective is to improve people’s lives on a daily basis through social, cultural and educational programs. We are happy to contribute to the development of communities and territories that are connected to our production facilities.

We always support social endeavors and initiatives, invest in educational programs, arrange leisure activities for children and teenagers. We also pay special attention to the new youth organizations and volunteer initiatives in need of support, and help organize sports, wellness and cultural events.

Through our cultural programs, we introduce a wider audience to fine arts and create new centers that support its development in the regions.

In our social programs, we follow the balanced development strategy of territories and always try to consider cultural, as well as social and economic characteristics of the region. We implement residential programs, build educational facilities and provide people with new employment and career growth opportunities.

We create a world well-suited for living and working in.